The 7 Big Sexy Writing Styles

Writing styles vary with every writer.  However, at Big Sexy Words we categorize them into seven types:  Sarcastic, Technical, Intelligent, Humorous, Informative, Motivational, and Helpful. Sarcastic I love sarcasm.  It is like punching people in the face but with...

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How to integrate SEO into your blog

How to integrate SEO into your blog Every blogger worth their salt knows the importance of SEO for survival and growth of their blog. Whether you are blogging for popularity or business, not integrating SEO into your blog means losing out the enormous potential of...

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Writing Your First Blog Post

Writing Your First Blog Post Blogs have a comparatively brief history, even in comparison to the history of the Internet itself. It's simple to begin a blog today, and I would encourage every person to give it a go, you just have to understand what you're writing...

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