Writing styles vary with every writer.  However, at Big Sexy Words we categorize them into seven types:  Sarcastic, Technical, Intelligent, Humorous, Informative, Motivational, and Helpful.


I love sarcasm.  It is like punching people in the face but with words.

When you are trying to entertain the reader with sarcasm, you have to strike a chord that is funny yet annoying.  For instance,  you would insult a football team by writing that the cheerleaders are much better at scoring than the football team is.  Sarcasm is offensive to so many people but if you are asked to write and article with sarcasm do it with gusto.


Technical writing deals with a subject matter using formal elements like scientific or technical vocabulary.  The topic is explained in a clear, concise, accurate, manner.  The writing does not arouse emotion and maintains impartiality and objectivity.


Assume the reader is intelligent and informed.  Accurate writing with lots of facts and big words with sentences that are to the point.  Use simple. concrete, and familiar language.  Your style should be clear, concise, confident, and courteous. The writing level should be sophisticated, but not pretentious.  You should write without prejudice or discrimination.


Ask something funny, and it will get your humor juices going.  For instance, everyone has a bird poop story.  However, when you are writing if you think about bird poop then your writing will get a little lighter and funnier.  Make the article light-hearted and carefree.  The point of humorous writing is to make the reader laugh.  Hopefully, out loud.


While technical and intelligent writing can be a bit heavy the informative piece eases you into the information.  It should be an enjoyable read where at the end the reader goes…oh..that was informative.


The written piece should motivate the reader to do something better.  Whether it is eating better, exercising more, or loving themselves, motivation has to be compelling.  If it doesn’t motivate you it won’t motivate the reader.  This is the time to use those fun adjectives and exclamation points.


Use short sentences and make the article simple and readable by using short paragraphs.  Provide step-by-step sequences in the correct order.  Use everyday language and do not patronize the reader.   Write in the present tense and the active voice.  You the writer, are ever so helpful.

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