Writing Tips for a LinkedIn Summary

Your LinkedIn summary is the digital extension to making that favorable first impression on potential recruiters or investors, except here you don’t have your body language, a firm handshake or a charming smile to come to your rescue. Words are all you have got to stand out in crowd of 396 million (and counting) people from across the globe, so make it count. Here are a few pro tips to create a compelling LinkedIn summary:

Don’t Skip the Summary Section

Have you ever blanked out on being asked to ‘describe yourself’? Well, you are not alone. A great deal of people have trouble writing about themselves, which makes the summary section on LinkedIn profile somewhat of a challenge. Be that as it may, do not skip the summary section on the pretext that you’ll write this at leisure. First of all, you’ll risk making a poor impression on those viewing your profile until then, and secondly, you may keep procrastinating and never get down to writing it.

Voice of Narration

The voice of narration also has impacts the effectiveness of your LinkedIn summary. There is not right or wrong way to do this. Writing your summary in third person is as acceptable as doing it in first person. Ideally, a first person account works better as it is more personal and easy to connect with. However, some people find it hard to list out their achievements and accolades in the first person, for it is like blowing your own trumpet. You can use a third person narrative, which makes your summary more formal. The essential thing here is to pick a voice of narration and stick to it. You cannot CANNOT switch from first person to third halfway through and vice-versa.

Tell a Story

Instead of listing out details such as your work experience in number of years or your previous employers in a chronological order, use the summary section of your profile to tell a story. Everyone loves a good story. Pick your best one and tell it in an effective manner to capture the interest of people viewing your profile and making them want to read through it.

Format it Right

A big block of text running up to 2,000 characters is a big stumbling block for any reader. No matter how well-written your summary is, having it running through in one single paragraph is half the battle lost. So, break it up with use of headers, bullet points, subheads, and use of graphics. Create a lot of white space between the text to make it visually appealing to read for anyone viewing your profile for the first time.

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